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Understanding Our Approach

Toxicology Associates of North Georgia, Inc. (TANG) is a private outpatient medical practice devoted to the treatment of Chronic Opioid Dependence. Chronic Opioid Dependence is a long-term addiction or dependence to heroin or other morphine-like drugs. The treatment modality most frequently used in this program involves the use of the drug Methadone as an important part of a treatment program offering a variety of services, some on-site and others through linkages and referrals.

The primary goal in treatment is helping patients improve the quality of their lives by improved health and rehabilitation. This process is often facilitated by the proper use of Methadone, which may be needed for a few months to many years.This is a private outpatient medical practice devoted to the treatment of Chronic Opioid Dependence. 
In addition to medication you will be afforded counseling and medical care. Additional services my include social services, psychiatric consultation, vocational training, educational guidance, legal assistance, and special group support meetings. Many of these services are provided by other agencies with which we work to establish the most efficient referral and linkage network.

The Program and You
This is your program and it exists only for you and because of you. Staff is here to serve you but they cannot make recovery happen for you. How much you get out of the program will depend on what you put into it. We urge you to become fully involved in your own treatment and recovery.

As a Methadone Treatment Program, the United States Food and Drug Administration, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Georgia Department of Human Resources and the Georgia Board of Pharmacy regulate us. Some regulation is established at the clinic level but much is mandated by State and Federal regulations. In addition, the Program is required to adhere to treatment standards for opioid treatment programs, which ensure that participants receive high quality services.